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 Aust Ch Esetlam Ewok

Our earliest Maltese were from old Australian lines. These lines had produced many individuals which were highly regarded by visiting International Toy specialist judges, and still provide a strong "tail female" for most successful breeders in both Australia and New Zealand.

Two individuals which we had admired and whose blood we added to this foundation were; BIS CH Esetlam Ewok, a dog of heavily infused Vicbrita (UK) blood, and US/Aust. Ch. Su Le's Great Egret (Houdini), bred in the USA by Mrs Barbara Berquist and imported by Mrs Andrea Hynes.

These crosses were extremely successful and so we decided we needed to look further for an eventual next step.

In those days, importing into Australia was a "nightmare" of quarantine and red-tape. New Zealanders did not experience quite the same difficulties and I had become aware of the imports brought to that country from the USA by Patrician Kennels.

Very quickly a visit to New Zealand was arranged, and soon thereafter the first of the Patrician imports arrived at Gameford.

Aust & Nz Ch Patrician Pistachio

Two males were selected on this first visit. One was Patrician Praego Amee, a son of Ch Shaws Stars and Stripes Amee (USA) and litter brother to the very successful Aust/NZ Ch. Patrician Phandango.

The other dog I had watched being walked in Patricia's garden by the late Betsy Litt. I had asked if he was for sale, and although Patricia herself felt that this Maltese dog would not interest me, on going over him I became convinced that his potential was enormous. This youngster needed only one Challenge after he turned 12 months of age, in order to gain his New Zealand title. He soon achieved this, and was then off to Australia on the 1st October 1992 where he was to become Multi Best In Show winner - Aust/NZ Ch. Patrician Pistachio (known at home as JR)!

Although several very useful dogs of the "Shaws Amee" (USA) line have joined the kennel from New Zealand, it is JR who has made the most impact. Determined that others should see the potential which I had espied, I devoted a significant amount of time and effort to this one young man. JR is very definitely MY dog, and has rewarded me time and again with his numerous successes, both in the show ring (a multi BIS winner and a Maltese to win a CONTEST OF CHAMPIONS (All Breeds) and as a remarkable sire. Being able to purchase JR is something for which I shall always be grateful.

 As we personally believe JR is one of the finest of his breed and his bloodline, we were indeed flattered that his breeder, Patrician Kennels, afforded him such prominence on their own web site. What a pity they do not give credit to Robyn Hurford of Gameford Maltese for having the ability to recognise JR qualities and for taking him to the top in the world of Dog Showing.

On following visits to New Zealand when staying at the home of Patricia Nicholson & Betsy Litt, I was able to examine Patricia's Maltese including her Maltese imports.  I purchased a number of Maltese being Patrician Pumpadnk Amee (Male), Patrician Polyanna Amee (Female), Patrician Passe Amoree (Male) Nz Ch Patrician Prototype (Male) Patrician Phyladelian (Male) born 2nd April, 1994 who passed away shortly after arriving after being at the Vets for about a week. This caused Patricia & I to part our ways as Patricia did not want to replace "Yankie" as he passed away because of health issues that could not be fixed.

I would like to correct some information on Patrician Kennels webpage about Aust/Nz Champion Patrician Pistachio. (JR) - Pistachio was only partly handled by Mr Peter Cutler for approx 3 months and Mrs Trisha Cutler only handled JR on 3 occasions. On all occasions JR was bathed, prepared and taken to the shows and prepared for showing by myself (Robyn Hurford). The reason the Mr & Mrs Cutler were asked to show JR was that I was recovering from a health issue as I had a problem with my balance at the time. 

We now invite you to visit with Pistachio (JR) and the other Gameford kids on the pages ahead!

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