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History of the Maltese Club of Victoria

In 1967 the Maltese Club of Victoria was convened by the late Mrs Hilda Dalziel, Mrs Eunice Cooper, Mrs J O'Connor and Mrs Trudy Pamment who drew the names and addresses from the litters registered in the KCC Gazette as an approach to those who maybe interested in forming a Club. These were forwarded with the necessary information to the KCC. The first meeting was held in April 1967.

The elected were -

President: Mr W J Dalziel

Vice Presidents: Mr A Day, Mrs G Pateman

Secretary: Mrs T Pamment

Assistant Secretary: Mrs Joan O'Connor

Treasurer: Mr E E Cooper

Publicity Officer: Mrs Hilda Dalziel

Committee: Mrs V G Anderson, Miss M S Anderson, Miss M Bartlett Mr R Goulding, Mrs W Harrison & Mr B Hutchins

Comment: Mrs Hilda Dalziel knowledge and expertise in the dog world as a Judge, and a All Breeds Club Secretary was invaluable to the less experienced in the Maltese breed to form a Specialist breed Club. Through her ability the Club was granted affiliation, so the MALTESE CLUB of VICTORIA was formed.

The untimely death of Mrs Hilda Dalziel in May 1968 was a great loss to the members of the Club, but her efforts were in not vain as the club worked hard and progressed each year to make the club the success it is today.

1st Open Parade was held at Mr & Mrs Laidler's home at Springvale Vic on April 7th 1968 with an entry of 35 and was a very successful day. The Judge was Mrs Peg Laider.

1st Championship Show was held in October 1968 at the Royal Showgrounds. The Judge was Miss Joyce Butterworth (NSW)

Best in Show  - Aust Ch Blizzard Snowsheen - Owned by Mrs T Pamment

Best Opposite In Show - Aust Ch Moswyn Snowraker - Owned by Mrs J Williams (Sire of Aust Ch Blizzard Snowsheen)

Mr & Mrs A Day Welsh Pembroke Corgi breeders were a great help to the club by enabling the club through Mr Day's associations with the Ivanhoe Scouts to gain the use of their Hall and facilities for Members Competitions for many years. It was a good venue and members will remember the happy times they had there.

Mrs Anne Stewart was very generous in her offers of her glorious property in Warrandyte for members Competitions as were Mr & Mrs A Day and Mr & Mrs H Rizzetti of Ivanhoe. The club was indeed fortunate in those days to have so many wonderful people always willing to help the Maltese Club of Victoria prosper.

The breed began to take awards IN GROUPS and IN SHOW awards at ALL BREED Shows and the interest in Maltese began to grow, as did the membership of the Club. Interstate members also became part of the club and many have been members almost since the inception of the club.


In 1958 Mrs Phyl De Valle (now Howard) bought a bitch 'Dai Ichi Snow Flurry' from Mr & Mrs S Coombes of NSW as a Show Bitch and future for breeding.

Dai Ichi Snow Flurry was mated to Aust Ch Joynol Guido (NSW). The litter was registered under Mrs P De Valle prefix 'SAMAKAND'.

Mrs De Valle showed in the Shepperton area of Victoria and was a very active member of the Executive and committees representing the Agricultural Society Dog Section over many years. The KCC reward Mrs De Valle for her loyal services with a Life Membership of the KCC.

Soon Mrs De Valle Maltese were attracting attention and in the nearby township of Bendigo Mrs J Williams was to purchase 'SAMAKAND SQUARE' (whelped 1962) who later became an Australian Champion

Mrs Williams 'BLIZZARD' Prefix as an exhibitor and breeder having won many top awards and you will find Blizzard Maltese in many Australian Maltese pedigrees.

In 1962 Mr W T Johnston imported a male Maltese from Mrs I C Brierly (UK) as a gift for his nephew - Bill Dalziel and his wife Hilda Dalziel. 'LECKHAMPTON MOONRAKER' arrived at the age of 10 months via a long sea journey from the United Kingdom (UK). It was a very short time after Leckhampton Moonraker's arrival that he was taking top awards in the show ring and being used at stud and producing some excellent progeny at that time and many breeders retained his progeny as foundation breeding stock.

Mrs Hilda Dalziel exhibited and bred under the prefix - 'VALWYN'

Mrs Joan O'Connor purchased Maltese from NSW and was one of the consistent exhibitors and breeders in that era and bred under the prefix - 'MOSWYN'

Mrs Eunice Cooper purchased her show and breeding stock from NSW and also imported a dog and a bitch from Mrs R White (UK) 'VICBRITA' they were 'VICBRITA ISSA' (1962) and 'VICBRITA SPECULATOR' (1963). Mrs Cooper exhibited and bred under the 'SHENAMERE' prefix.

Mrs Wilma Harrison (1962) purchased her first foundation bitch 'POLKADOT SELINA' from Mrs G Stapely and was a consistent exhibitor/breeder and promoter of the breed and was involved with club activities for many years and won many top awards and bred under the 'WALINGAY' prefix. Mrs Harrison daughter, Lynette (Harrison) Renn accompanied her mother and later Lyn established her own 'WINTAMIST' prefix and also was a consistent winner of top awards and breeder.

The late Mr Jack Little and his wife Patti and Patti's mother Mrs V G Anderson had Maltese in these early years. They were active in the show ring and a staunch supporter always to the club. Jack became the PATRON to the club until his death in 1986. His love of Maltese was unsurpassed.

Mrs Trudy Pamment became interested in the breed in 1964 when quite by mistaken identity of either a Sealyham Terrier or West Highland White Terrier and being told it was a Maltese went of in search of this dog. Purchasing her first Maltese 'POLKADOT SILVER KING' from Mrs G Stapely. Mrs Pamment then purchased a female 'BLIZZARD SNOWSHEEN' which she exhibited to top show awards from 1966 to early 1970's. Mrs Pamment exhibited and bred under the 'SNOWSHEEN' prefix.

Along with these people presently showing were:

Miss M Anderson 'SHASTA' Prefix,

Miss M Barlett (Rowse)

Miss S Barnes PARAMOUNT Prefix

Mrs M L Boord MAEJO Prefix

Mrs B Clifford

Mrs D Connelly SNOWVITA Prefix

Mr & Mrs K Dixon

Mr R Goulding

Miss T Greig 'MISTERRI' Prefix

Mrs A Henley 'MAREEBA' Prefix

Mrs G Hodges WHITEGLORY Prefix

Mr B Howard

Mr & Mrs B Hutchins

Mrs C Johnstone 'GLENEIL' Prefix

Mrs N King

Mr & Mrs A King ARTELLA Prefix

Mrs Dinah &Miss Nina Luikens

Mr & Mrs C Malin

Mrs I Matthews & daughters Anne & Kyan

Miss C McCann

Mrs M McLennan

Mrs B Portwine 'RESERVIEW' Prefix

Mr & Mrs R Powell GAREGWEN Prefix

Mrs J F Reynolds URLWIN Prefix

Mrs Van Elden (Sayers) VELETTE Prefix

Miss L Watson KELSHANI Prefix

Mr & Mrs J Webster BOLDAMIST

Mrs E White CADWHIT Prefix

Mrs L D Medlyn-White LEONDOREZ Prefix

Mrs R K Winnell VICMAR Prefix

These exhibitors and many others joining the club and were active in showing and club work.



Mrs M Aquilina WHITEMASTER Prefix

Mrs H Bubnow NOWBUB Prefix

Mrs M Burns ZIREKELP Prefix

Mr & Mrs G Burslem SILVERSUN Prefix

Mrs I M Byrne TOORLOO Prefix

Mrs N Carne SWANSDOWN Prefix

S Dales & Miss N Fry KUPIKUPI Prefix

Mr & Mrs K Dixon BIRSAY Prefix

Mrs L Fielding NINJA Prefix

Mrs J Forman MEYORK Prefix

Mrs T Fowler SNOWANGEL Prefix

Mrs M Gardner PANACHE Prefix

P & Mrs B Garrow RAYKEN Prefix

Mrs D Maddigan RUDYSNOW Prefix

B & Mrs L Merrick GLENNTYME Prefix

Mrs M J McConville LISVANE Prefix

Mrs M McMaster PADALEK Prefix

Ms D McPherson MORNINGDEW Prefix

A W & C M Rosenberg WILLMAY Prefix

Mr D & Mrs V Scott WASCO Prefix

Mrs V Smith OCEANVALE Prefix

Mrs V E Stanley YELNATS Prefix

Sunswept Kennels SUNSWEPT Prefix

Mrs M Thomas TERIYAKI Prefix

Mrs L Turley YULAN Prefix

Mrs F Wright SNOWRITE Prefix

Mr W A Wyndham MALTASIA Prefix

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