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So, you have arrived home with your baby puppy. After all the excitement he/she is now yours. Your puppy will feel strange at first as it doesn't know its way around and will miss his/her litter mates. Your puppy will probably sleep in your kitchen or laundry in a new basket or in a cardboard box with the side cut down, with a blanket or towel, which will be warm and safe..

That first night, do your best to shut him in the kitchen or laundry and harden your heart! Your puppy has to get used to it, unless you want your puppy in your bedroom, where of course, your puppy will like it best.

As your puppy is still a baby it needs food - small meals often, warmth in winter and sleep. Gentle Games are all right, but please don't play "Tug-O-War" or your puppy's teeth might be spoiled, and don't let your toddler carry your puppy as your puppy could be dropped - Toddlers would not be allowed to carry a human baby.

If you cuddle your puppy on the lounge, don't let it jump off. Your puppy will, given the opportunity, but it is damaging to their young bones. Also lift the whole puppy and not by the front legs.

When your puppy is tired, let your puppy sleep until it wants to wake.

Remember, like a human baby his brain has to co-ordinate with his bladder and bowels so take your puppy out before and after meals and when it wakes. Take your puppy outside to where you would like it to go and praise your puppy when it goes to the toilet there. For inside training you could try newspapers on the floor at night or if you want to keep your puppy inside all the time as this is the method we the breeder use to encourage our young pups before being sold.

When lead training, try indoors and in your garden before further excursions and make it fun. Don't try long walks, your puppy will get too tired.

Keep in touch with the breeder, they will love to hear of your puppy's progress and if you take photos and have a spare one, they are much appreciated.

Make a friend of your Veterinary Surgeon, he/she is the expert. Perhaps when the puppy's needles are due, you could buy your Worming Tablets and Heartworm preventive there and get advice re Fleas, etc.

Have fun with your new baby Maltese. Use everyone for advice if you need it. We are all interested in your puppy's progress and welfare.

Recommended Reading:

There are now a number of authoritative books an Maltese which can be purchased from larger book shops and specialist book shops and are often available for borrowing from your local library.

  • The Maltese Dog by Leitch & Carno
  • The Maltese today by Vicki Herrieff
  • The New Dog Owner's Manual by Karen Hedberg
  • (This book covers all aspects regarding the dog)

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