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Feeding Your Puppy

Since a pup's stomach is very small, it can only hold a small quantity of food at a time. Therefore three meals per day are necessary until he ceases to grow so fast, about six months of age. He will mature right up until three years old, but will not grow much taller after about six months.

BREAKFAST Finely chopped or minced Beef, Lamb or Chicken raw or cooked, or cooked Mince and Rice or Pasta and add Calcium and Vitamins as required. A little milk if your puppy can tolerate. (We use a puppy milk supplement).

MIDDAY Puppy Formula Rice Based or Puppy Mini Dry Food and Natural Yoghurt.

(Try to encourage your pup to eat Natural Yoghurt, as it is very good for your puppy's stomach.)

EVENING Finely chopped or minced Beef, Lamb or Chicken - raw or cooked. Also some small Dry food. Later a little grated cheese and grated carrot; egg etc. can be given.

If you wish to use tinned foods please introduce gradually and start with either Puppy Food or Chicken based ones.

Make sure at all times your puppy has water available.

Puppies frequently refuse breakfast after about 3 months of age. Providing your pup is doing well and feels plump don't worry. Just give your puppy his Vitamins & Calcium at another meal time.

As your pup gets older you may wish to try other foods - always change the diet gradually. Scrambled egg, mixed with a little Vegemite to be more palatable, is a good substitute for meat. Sometimes if hurried, a raw egg yolk shaken up in the milk will satisfy. NEVER give raw egg white, if a regular practice it destroys the Vitamin B, (Biotin), in the body. Cooked egg white is quite safe.

You will find as your puppy gets older he will eat more per meal, but less often.. At twelve months of age one meal is all that should be necessary.

Cooked vegetables (no Onion) can be given with the evening meal (grated raw carrot is excellent) and a few small biscuits to finish will aid the cleaning of your puppy teeth.

BONES. The large bones such as Brisket bones or Raw Chicken wings are quite safe and will help your puppy to develop stronger teeth and good bones. Of course it is a bit messy, and it is never a good idea to leave a pup alone for too long in case he gets a piece of bone caught in the roof of the mouth. NEVER give small chops or cooked chicken bones.

In the case of loose motions mix some cornflour and water into loose paste and give to the pup 1/2 teaspoon after each loose motion. Should it persist or your pup becomes weak and starts to vomit, do not delay in calling the Vet, as gastro-enteritis hits puppies very quickly. If faeces are hard or he is constipated, take your pup to your Vet.

If you wish your puppy to have darker pigmentation, diet can play a very important part, particularly the iodine content of his food, also plenty of sunlight. For this reason, Seaweed or Kelp can be added daily, as directed by the manufacturer. These products come in tablet and powder form, which can be added to your puppies food.

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