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Daily Care

Daily Care of your Maltese

Make it a habit if possible, to check your puppy morning and evening for two things - eye stain (See later) and "rear end".

If his motions have adhered to the hair under the tail it will be most distressing, and you may see your pup dragging himself along the ground. Just hold him under a warm water tap till it washes off or use your wide tooth comb and ease gently out of the coat.

If the anus is sore apply a little soothing ointment . If your pup is not going into the show ring, you may find it a good idea to cut the hair around the area.

When your pup is cutting his permanent teeth, he may grow distressed and paw at his mouth. This is often a sign that one of the milk teeth has nearly separated and if not extracted immediately could be swallowed. If the offending tooth is gripped firmly with thumb and forefinger in a cloth it generally comes away. Otherwise, take your pup to the Vet.

After about 9 months or so, it is a good idea to get your pup used to having his teeth cleaned. There are dog tooth brush and toothpaste available from most larger Pet shops.

In later years, should the teeth become encrusted with tartar it is worth a trip to the Vet to have them scraped. However, with a little care once a week, just these few minutes will keep his breath sweet and save on the Vet bills.

It is quite common for Toy dogs to lose their teeth quite early in life, even as three-year olds, but with an occasional clean as mentioned and biscuits daily, this need not be so.

Your pup's toe-nails should be kept trim. Clipping them is a simple matter if you have the proper canine nail clippers (from pet shop). Hold the nail towards the light, so that you can see where the vein inside the nail terminates - clip about 1/8 inch outside this.

Dogs that do not have their nails clipped regularly often have difficulty in walking squarely and throw their weight back upon the pasterns.

When grooming your pup it is a good idea to always clean just inside the ear holes with a cotton bud, and repeat this until the cotton bud comes out white. Dampness inside the ears can lead to ear troubles such as canker.

This is particularly prevalent in floppy-eared dog's. Air cannot get into the ear hole to dry it. After a bath, swim, or walk in the rain, his ears should be thoroughly dried to avoid trouble. The ears should smell sweet and look pink.

Any sign of brown colour or faint odor can be a sign of trouble. If your pup is shaking its head a lot or scratching , always investigate the ears. There are a number of drops/powders available to use for Canker and ear mites that are available at either your local Pet shop or some Chemists that carry Veterinary products.

Follow the directions and if the drops/powder don't clean the problem up take your pup to the Vets.

A common cause of matting and subsequent soreness or canker is the growth of hair INSIDE THE EAR HOLE and these should definitely be plucked out as they grow.

This can be done with no pain if a few hairs are gripped between thumb and forefinger, as close to the inside of the ear hole as possible, and jerked out sharply.

Once you have done this it will not sound so frightening! You may prefer tweezers. Do it every month instead of allowing trouble to develop later, your pup soon knows what is about to happen and does not worry. Of course, the hair growing on the inside of the ear drops or leathers should not be touched.

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