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Thank you for considering usingGAMEFORD PET RESORT 336 Palmyra Avenue Shanes Park 2747 (Near St Marys)NSW Australia Phone 9835 1706 to board your Cat.

Whilst in our Cattery your pet will receive the best of personalised attention.

The following information is for your convenience:

BOARDING FEES: As of July 2002 the following charges including 10% GST

CATS: $12-00 Per Day GST inclusive

* long Coated Extra Charge if require Daily Grooming

These charges shall be paid on the 1st day of admission of the Cat into the Cattery and no refunds shall be paid to customers who pick up animals early. If clients require to extend their Cat boarding time, please

Contact GAMEFORD PET RESORT during normal business hours.

BOARDING CHARGES are calculated on a calendar day rate i.e. animals booked in on Friday afternoon and collected on Saturday morning will be charged for 2 days. Similarly Friday afternoon to Monday morning will be charged 4 days.

DISCOUNTS: are strictly negotiable and only to clients wishing to board

More than 2 animals or for terms longer than one (1) month.

RISK: Cats are boarded in the Cattery strictly at the Owners risk, although all possible care and treatment will be provided.

ADVANCE BOOKINGS: for School holidays and other holiday periods will require a $50.00 deposit, paid at the time of booking, to ensure that your Cat has a guaranteed Cattery.This deposit is NON refundable in the case of cancellation.

OPENING TIMES: Gameford Pet Resort is open to book animals in or out:

2 hours in the morning - 8:00 AM to 10:00 AM

2 hours in the afternoon - 4:00 PM to 6:00 PM

Customers are required to keep to these hours unless otherwise agreed upon by Gameford Pet Resort.

Clients are welcome to ring to enquire about the welfare of their animals if they so wish but please ring within the above hours.


Cats are housed in spacious, clean and fully covered Cattery. The size of each individual Cattery is 4ft wide by 7ft long by 7ft high.

Plastic Sleeping Baskets are provided with clean bedding.

No Cat is housed with other Cats unless requested.

Customers may bring their own bedding or toys to comfort their Cat although GAMEFORD shall NOT be responsible for their loss or condition.

FEEDING of your CAT Gameford Pet Resort will at all times feed your Cat the type of food discussed and agreed upon, however, this may change slightly depending on your dog's or cat's attitude to that food.

The customer is required to provide any special extra ordinary food, e.g.

 Chicken Livers, etc. No discount on the daily rate will apply under this circumstance.

MEDICATION will be given to Cats, i.e. Any oral drug prescribed by a Veterinarian. Injections shall be negotiated at the time of booking.

IF, in the opinion of the management of Gameford Pet Resort that my Cat requires Veterinary treatment for any reason, I authorize that such treatment be sought by the Veterinarian Surgeon of Gameford Pet Resort choice or the nominated Veterinarian Surgeon given to Gameford Pet Resort on admission of my Cat and agree to pay all costs incurred.

GERIATRIC CATS or CATS UNDER VETERINARY TREATMENT: Gameford Pet Resort will board older Cats with known problems, however, the high risk factor of these animals again relieves Gameford Pet Resort of any responsibility as to their deterioration or death.

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